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Text editor



Project duration

6 months

Intermin provides management development services to the government as an external party, offering additional capacity, skills, and knowledge at low rates. They make monthly position papers in Google docs to stimulate discussions, but this leaded into unclear communication, lost files and a lack of optimal collaboration.


Intermin has various community roles for individuals to provide feedback and ideas. Each role has specific tasks to ensure a seamless end-to-end process, which we must consider when designing.

This revealed that the whole process includes a lot of different tools and communication channels. After a problem statement session our users agreed that this possibly is the source of the problem.

Therefore the solution required some essential features:

β€’ Collaboration
β€’ Text editing and formatting
β€’ User permission
β€’ Notification center
β€’ Commenting and Annotation

We're creating a tailormade text editor with multiple user capabilities, including phasing, staging options, commenting, version control, and integration with Microsoft Teams for easy and visible notifications.


Collaborating with the Β team, we crafted a user-friendly interface. In the discovery phase, we defined roles, tasks, and requirements through stakeholder interviews and brainstorm sessions.

We created low-fidelity wireframes for testing and validation, guiding our design and development approach. In the final phase, we visually transformed wireframe ideas into a minimal, creative, and cohesive interface, bringing the brand and product to life.


Eventually we ended up with a beautiful web product. Keeping close communication with our end-users and small weekly iterations resulted in a user centered product tailored to the specific needs of Intermin.

We delivered the final product with a manual and workshop with our stakeholders. Next step? Testing, testing, TESTING!

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