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Optimized ticket street



Project duration

1 month

The website's payment flow currently presents several challenges for users, including a cluttered design, unclear visual cues, and a lengthy, multi-step process. These factors lead to user frustration and resulted in abandoned transactions.

Simplying the process by reducing the number of clicks required and providing clearer visual cues, users can complete transactions with ease.


Using Figma, I created mobile-first wireframes from the final flow diagrams arrived from brainstorm sessions with our team, catching problems early by testing the wireframes with stakeholders and potential users. The wireframes are also providing an overview of the components needed for the next phase. After multiple screens were validated with stakeholders and the team, we finalized our designs.


In the end product, we implemented two flows for A/B testing. One flow via advertising that allows the user to book a date after purchase and a flow thats focused on less clicks and scrolling for organic users.

The improved design and user flow eventually increased conversion with 45% and lowered the bounce rate of the overall payment process.

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