UI Design • Design system • Webflow development

Investing and learning



Project duration

2 months

Beatvest is a German Learning Platform focused on investing. This new product is geared towards a young target audience new in the world of investments. Their mission is to make investing accessible to everyone

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The Beatvest website aims to acquire new customers by providing informative and educational content that smoothly guides a young audience of new investors through the investment process.

My mission as designer was to create a online experience for the young target audience that is interactive and accessible for new comers.


To gain a deeper understanding of their mission and audience we interviewed our stakeholders and users. Subsequently, I conducted online research on the target audience, laying the groundwork for the website's framework and design.

To kick things off, I began by creating wireframes to delineate the website's framework, which I then validated with stakeholders. Following this, I developed a design system based on the components identified in the wireframes. This laid a robust foundation for the design direction, leading to the development of high-fidelity designs in the final stage.

The final stage

After crafting the ultimate designs in Figma, we seamlessly transitioned to the development phase using Webflow. Our website's homepage now serves as an engaging interactive playground for users, featuring captivating animations and delightful mini-interactions woven seamlessly throughout the experience.

Isis did a fantastic job in designing our website for beatvest, while we still did not have a robust design brand guide. She took the raw design guidelines and managed to create a visual style that fits our taste and brand values perfectly. We got loads of positive feedback for our website.


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